Something More

Type: Book

Anything is possible when you imagine something more.

Are you trapped in a dull, grey world?  Colorful adventures are waiting just beyond this door!  Step inside and transform the ordinary in this inspiring book that reveals the beauty and magic of a child's imagination. With a spark of creativity, everyday objects such as laundry baskets and trash cans become vessels of discovery and exploration.

  • 9 by 9 inch / 23 by 23 cm
  • paperback edition 

About the Author:

Rebecca Van Dyk is an author, teacher, parent and imagination enthusiast living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  When she's not writing, teaching or potty training, you can find her reading, travelling, playing the piano, attempting amateur calligraphy or jogging with her adorable Shiba Inu, Nikko. She loves to find sparks of inspiration all around her, but music and nature speak straight to her heart. After a lifetime of reading every picture book and spending countless hours in the children's section of bookstores, Rebecca is thrilled to be publishing her own stories. ​

A book is a gift you can open again and again. ~ Gideon Keillor