Glowing Face Mask "Pineapple/Coconut"

Refreshing fruit cocktail for skin! Fruit extract and herbal extract make skin look pumpling and bright.  Vitality care with pineapple extracts and coconut water makes skin look moisturized and bright.
  • Pleasant, refreshing aroma effect. Natural coconut ferment bio cellulose sheet : The 3-dimensional dense fiber net structure helps skin absorb essence as it closely adheres to skin, and the high moisture-retaining power and cooling effect of the sheet provide a soothing, moisturizing effect to skin.
  • Pineapple and coconut water extract to effectively hydrate the skin and restore its radiance. Ideal for brightening dull complexions and reducing wrinkles.
  • Face mask 100% coconut water (no fabric here but the "deluxe" second skin effect version of organic cellulose)
  • Vegan formula with 81% ingredients of natural origin
  • 100% biodegradable, unicorns don't like it when we pollute our earth!