Night Light "T-Ralph"

Type: Night Light

Since 2013, Veille sur toi has been designing pretty fused glass night lights for your little ones (and even older ones!)  The characters are endearing, funny and caring! Each piece is carefully handmade in Quebec.

Glass is a safe material and much more robust than you would think. It is an ideal material for designing night lights because unlike porcelain, glass does not become hot to the touch for little ones. In addition, the glass does not risk melting, unlike plastic night lights. Finally, glass is an ecological and sustainable material. The night light will still be beautiful and will keep its colors and details even in 50 years!

Night lights are very practical to reassure the child who is afraid of the dark, to enlighten the parent who has to get up at night to feed, change a diaper or even give medicine. It can be placed in the hallway, in the bathroom and even in the kitchen!

Bulb and mechanism:

  • The glow of the night light is strong enough to lightly illuminate the entire room. As a guide, you could read a small book if you sit next to the night light.
  • The bulb supplied is 5 watts, be careful not to use a bulb greater than 7 watts. - We now offer our customers the opportunity to purchase an LED bulb specially designed for our night lights. They are soft, warm (non-bluish), ecological and economical. Plus, they will last longer! LED bulbs are available on the online store or at our store in Laval. 
  • A mechanism for European electrical sockets (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, etc.) are also available on the online store. A bulb suitable for 220 volt sockets will be supplied with your European mechanism. Please note, American bulbs are not compatible with European mechanisms because the voltage is not the same. 
  • This product is not a toy, parental supervision is recommended. The decoration of your little one's room will be complete with a Veille Sur Toi product!