Sensory Mirror for Baby

by Kaloo
Type: Sensory Toy

Designed and produced in collaboration with psychomotor therapists, this sensory mirror (9,56 x11,31 inches) is a great, fun way of stimulating baby’s senses. The mirror will allow baby to see his reflection, which will particularly develop his sight and his curiosity. It is double-sided and can stand up. Its ribbons allow you to hang it everywhere! Each side allows baby to learn new things: to distinguish different shapes and colors. The  cat’s ears and tail in soft materials also help develop the child’s grasping and touch.  This sensory mirror is ideal for developing baby’s senses and curiosity. Key features:

  • A mirror to discover his reflection
  • Contrasting colors and patterns help baby to spot contrast
  • Cat ears and tail to develop baby's sense of touch
  • A washable fabric for ease of use
  • Ribbons to be able to hang it everywhere

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