My First Baby Signs

Type: Book

My First Baby Signs: Over 40 Fundamental Signs for You and Baby

Babies have so much to say long before they can talk! My First Baby Signs provides babies, parents, and caregivers with a way to communicate!

  • Learning simple signs together with your baby is a game changer!
  • Signs encourage babies to communicate basic needs and wants, and helps you understand them.
  • My First Baby Signs uses story to introduce over 40 key American Sign Language (ASL) signs and pairs them with visual and written guides on how to do each sign.
  • The story shows signs in context and is the perfect way for you and your baby to learn and practice signs together.
  • Gentle, softly colorful illustrations throughout aid in learning.
  • Includes a helpful index of the signs for fast and easy reference, from ''All Done'' and ''Banana'' to ''Wash Hands'' and ''Water.''
  • Sturdy padded hardcover book.
  • Ages 0–3.
  • Book measures 6-7/8'' wide x 8-3/4'' high.
  • 48 pages.