by Morphee

Make yourself comfortable, choose the voice of Marc or Juliette to guide you, then select your session.

Morphée offers 210 combinations of guided sessions, conducted by a team of relaxation professionals under the supervision of Florence Binay, sophrologist and sleep specialist.

Discover the 8 Morphée themes!

  • Sounds of nature
  • Breathing
  • Movement
  • Journey
  • Body
  • Rhythm
  • Siesta
  • Music


  1. Turn the 1st key and choose your theme from the 8 relaxation techniques on offer.
  2. Turn the 2nd key and choose one of the 8 sessions for each theme.
  3. Turn the 3rd key and choose the duration of your session: 8 or 20min.


  • 210 guided sessions, all performed by sleep professionals.
  • Wave-free and screen-free, for optimum effectiveness.
  • Morphée accompanies you every day: its wooden base also serves to protect the keys.
  • Includes: A blue sleep book detailing instructions for use and the different sessions, and a USB cable.
  • Made in China, designed in France