Maternity Adjustable Support Belt "Black"

Type: Mom Care

The Carriwell Maternity Support Belt dramatically reduces or completely eliminates lower back pain by gently lifting the abdomen and thereby encouraging a more erect posture.  

Choose the Carriwell Maternity Support Belt and reclaim your pregnancy experience. Don't let back pain hold you back or diminish the joy of this special time. With its simple yet effective design, superior support, targeted relief, and softness against your skin, this belt is your go-to solution for a more comfortable and enjoyable pregnancy. Embrace the benefits of the Carriwell Maternity Support Belt and make your pregnancy journey a pain-free and blissful one.

  • Easy for you to adjust
  • Supports your lower back
  • Firm support under your belly
  • Can be used pre & post delivery
  • Composition:  50% Polyester, 50% Elastodiene