Jonny Lambert's Bear and Bird: Learn to Share

Type: Book
Journey through the forest with Huxley and Bluebird, and introduce your toddlers to the idea of friendship and sharing with others.

Meet Huxley, the lovable and rather hungry bear. It is beginning to snow, which means it is almost time to hibernate. So Huxley, Bluebird, and their friends must set out to collect food to get them through the Winter. But Huxley is really hungry, and wants all the food to himself. Is there enough food for everyone?

Follow Huxley and Bluebird on their adventure through the freezing forest to collect food for hibernation. With stunning illustrations by renowned artist Jonny Lambert, and an enchanting story, this picture book is perfect for adults and toddlers to share together. Huxley and the Bluebird teaches little ones vital life lessons about friendship and sharing with others, and gently introduces them to the idea of hibernation as well.

So come and join the search with this magical bedtime story.
  • Age Baby-3