Geosmart "UFO"


Use the special pentagon shapes and the LED-panel to make your own UFO. Light it up and fly!  Featuring a patented double-safety system, bright colors and unique playing elements, Geosmart offers unsurpassed safety and durability for endless creative play! 

  • Geosmart is a magnetic construction toy suitable for children from 5 years old.
  • Each piece contains magnets that are protected by a double safety system. 
  • Spatial insight: Making 3D shapes
  • Hand-eye coordination: both hands are used to build constructions
  • Concentration & logical thinking: to make (stable) constructions.
  • Creativity: build new things over and over again or duplicate buildings or vehicles they’ve seen in real life.
  • STEM: they will learn all about the 6 different Geomagnetic shapes and how to use them in the best way.