Kaloo Doudou "Tiger Papaye"

by Kaloo
Type: Plush

Will they think they’re from the same litter? This tiger soft toy – which is suitable from birth upwards – will be adored by the entire family: easy-to-grasp elements for little hands, intense softness, a beautiful little face and a toddler-suitable shape and size. And she is called Papaye, the agile lion who embodies adventure and wisdom. They promote sweetness and cuddles, plus are part of our Les Ami de Kaloo collection. The green bandana – a distinctive symbol of this collection – is made from cotton and tied around the animal’s neck for a more graceful allure. It is also decorated with nature-themed embroidery, to reinforce the link between the little tiger and its natural habitat. This flat stuffed animal measures 18 cm in height and has been specifically designed with the best hugs in mind: an ultra-soft contrasting tummy and easy-to-grasp little paws. Not to mention those warm stripes! This small tiger plush is as soft as it is friendly, making it the perfect gift for a newborn. Perhaps your little one will grow to be as naturally confident and independent as our dear Papaye? With its friendly look and cute personality, this little tiger is all geared up to follow baby everywhere. Composed of synthetic fur (polyester) and stuffed with recycled polyester. This easy-care tiger soft toy is machine-washable. It’s time to give baby their companion of a lifetime!