Dippit Baby Spoon (2pk)

by Bibado

The award-winning Dippit™ is a unique two-handed multi-stage weaning spoon and dipper in one. It’s the first utensil of its kind, supporting independent exploration of new tastes and textures during weaning. The Dippit™ allows babies to transition from dipper to spoon seamlessly, enabling them to explore flavours, purees and yoghurts with the textured dipper end, and then when they’re ready, flip it to use the spoon for scooping! The soft, chewable dipper is perfect for soothing sore gums too!


  • Essential multi-stage, dual-ended baby spoon and dipper in one. Helps Little Ones to dip and scoop with ease - independently or with parental assistance
  • Wide anti-gag neck and unique two-handed grip offer baby ease of control. Parents can support baby by holding either the dipper or spoon to help steer the Dippit™ in the desired direction – supporting, but not limiting baby
  • Supports hand-eye coordination development
  • Centering the Dippit™ in baby's mid-line encourages self-feeding
  • Designed to minimise frustration from constantly dropped cutlery and make mealtimes more fun and rewarding. Keeps cutlery hygienically clean.