Puppet "Chamallow Kitten"

by Kaloo
Type: Plush

MY FIRST SOFT PUPPET: Chamallow is the little cat that will make the whole family fall in love, an example of comfort, tenderness and loyalty. Your child will fall asleep peacefully with the soft ears of his favorite companion who will be with him in all his adventures! More than a cuddly toy, Chamallow is also an adorable hand puppet: with him, you can have fun making your child laugh or drying his or her tears

ATTACHING AND COMFORTING: With its ultra-soft coat, this little cat measuring 25 cm at cute and affectionate face reveals a unique style thanks to its ears and its sky blue bandana tied around the neck An ideal companion to slip next to baby to help him or her fall asleep with complete peace of mind

FEATURES: Contains a plush puppet Product dimensions: Length 24 cm x Width 11 cm x Height 24 cm Material(s) used: Fur Suitable from birth