Bloko Tube with Car (24pc)

by Bloko

Helps develop imagination, creativity and coordination.  

Bloko is a must-have that allows your children to build ad infinitum with pieces of various sizes, colours and shapes. The unlimited possibilities of combinations are the best way for children to create their own stories and worlds! This is the easiest construction game to assemble. Bloko allows children to develop their imagination, creativity, skill, movement coordination, motor skills and spatial awareness. Bloko toys are made with flexible, non-toxic and non-allergic materials. The original Bloko range is designed in France and manufactured in Europe with respect for the environment.


  • Set includes 24 blocks including 1 car
  • Develops imagination, creativity, skill, coordination of movements and tracking in the child’s space, while having fun
  • Many blocks of various colors and shapes: an infinity of possible combinations and constructions
  • Perfectly suitable for children 12 months and older