Algorithms "Frog"

by Janod

It's lunch time for Froggy the greedy frog. But be careful, it is important to have the flies on your tongue to vary your meal...!

This educational game will allow your child to learn to differentiate colors and identify a logical sequence. 2 game modes are offered. The first is an autonomous workshop during which your child must reproduce a logical sequence of colors by following the images on the cards. The second game mode is a duo workshop: it helps your child learn algorithms, while sharing a fun time. This game consists of a wooden frog, a tongue divided into 3 interlocking pieces, 36 flies on colored tokens and 12 model cards. By placing flies on the frog's tongue, your child will learn to reproduce and identify a logical sequence of colors while having fun.

  • FSCTM wooden and cardboard game.
  • Educational game developed in collaboration with a school teacher
  • Age 3+