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Bug & Pickle Teething Oil

Incoming teeth can be stressful for babies and their parents. Essential oil of Roman chamomile, one of nature’s most gentle analgesics, is the active ingredient in Bug & Pickle’s Teething Oil....


Bug & Pickle - Belly Cream

Being pregnant will place demands upon your skin like never before, stretching the skin on your belly to the limit. Bug & Pickle’s ultra-moisturizing Belly Cream helps repel stretch marks by increasing...


Bug & Pickle Tummy Trouble

A newborn’s digestive system may need a bit of help to keep working smoothly, which is where Bug & Pickle’s Tummy Trouble comes in. Combining essential oils of fennel and dill seed...


Bug & Pickle - Belly Firm

Your new little one is your bundle of joy, but your postnatal tummy is a bundle of jelly. Bug & Pickle’s Belly Firm harnesses the power of essential oils and...


Bug & Pickle Baby Scalp Oil

Patchy scales and redness on your baby’s scalp mean you’re dealing with harmless (but unattractive!) cradle cap. Bug & Pickle’s Scalp Oil combines lemon and geranium essential oils to help ease the...


Bug & Pickle Baby Butter

Bug & Pickle’s rich and healing Baby Butter soothes those extra dry or irritated patches that can plague a baby’s tender, sensitive skin. Why We Love It: Essential oils of lavender, sweet...