Ruler Growth Chart Watercolor Flowers

Type: Growth Chart
You and your Little’s will love to celebrate their growth with these adorable, unique one of a kind wooden growth chart rulers. 
Handcrafted by local maker Pam French of Belle & Otis, these wooden Growth Charts are  approx 7 inches wide X 6 ft tall X 1 inch.  The charts are decorated with classic ruler markings and metal numbers 1-6. The ruler markings measure start at 6" go to 6'6". The Chart starts at 6" so the charts can accommodate any size of baseboard or carpet.

A few words about these rulers. Pam loves making them! Each one is truly unique and will be part of a family's life for many years to come.

Kids are excited to see how much they grow, can use the progress to say how continuing to eat all those fruits and veggies helps them grow as tall as you (or in my case probably taller than me 😉).

But more than that it's a piece that you can take with you always, especially since not a lot of people stay in one house their entire lives. Home is not a thing but having a piece so sentimental like this helps make a house a home. Continuing a tradition from my mother in law, who uses the inside of a cupboard door, we use our ruler to also mark friends and family that come to visit

  • Comes with hanging hardware and are stained on both sides. 
  • Can be personalized for an additional charge

* Please note that these items must be picked up in-store.  We currently do not ship these outside of the city of Camrose.