Ready Freddy Spray 'n Sprinkle

Type: Bath Toy

Ready Freddy Spray ‘N’ Sprinkle, battery-operated circulating water pump (CWP) action fire hydrant bath toy. Accessories auto-connect to Freddy’s helmet or to the flexible hose! Connect any one of the fireman accessories and pull the lever handle on hydrant to activate the battery-operated circulating water pump (CWP) and Ready Freddy’s googly eyes will start rolling as he draws the bath water and uses it to spin, swirl, sprinkle, and spray all around!

  • Eco-friendly - the unique CWP mechanism is eco-friendly as it reuses the bath water.
  • Promotes STEM based learning by introducing your child to the fundamental principles of physics and hydro dynamics.
  • Encourages imaginative “role playing” and fuels your preschooler’s imagination
  • Strengthens hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, and fine motor skills.

Age 3+