Loopy Hoopies Marble Spinners

Type: Toys
Get in the loop with Loopy Hoopies!  Loopy Hoopies are marble spinners perfect for younger fidgeters! These skill fidgets have the same base concept as the original Loopy Looper marble spinners but the ball stays safely sealed inside the loop so it’s perfect for practicing spinning. All Loopy Hoopies contain a hoop so that once you’ve mastered spinning the ball in the loop, you can try to stop spinning at the right moment to shoot a hoop! With 3 colors to collect and a tactile rotating ring to fidget with, Loopy Hoopies are perfect for little ones and those looking to improve their spinning skills. 
      • 1 Loopy Hoopie including a marble and a ring
      • 1 Stand
      • Recommended Age 6+