Fuel 'n Duel Rocket Racers

Type: Toys

Start Your Engines! Get Ready For Blast-Off! GO!

There’s nothing like the sheer excitement of race cars blasting off through your room! Now, imagine if you could add a dash of scientific excitement to the mix.

Introducing The Fuel & Duel Rocket Racers Chemistry Racing Set By Be Amazing! Toys!

Now you don’t have to settle for all those same-old race car sets, where all you do is set up the track and race. We have upgraded the timeless classic racing with a new, STEM approach, which will make head-to-head racing not only fun but also educational!

Push The Pedal To The Metal & Let’s Take Science To The MAX!

Help your kids understand the science behind racing cars and make their own fuel with our mind-blowing racer cars set for boys. No need to play racing video games anymore. Your kids can live out their wildest racing dreams with a hands-on toy set that will put them in the driver’s seat and offer them endless hours of racing fun!

Build Your Own Racecar

There are endless vehicle customization options available. Help your kids and their friends unleash their creativity and add their own personal touch to their vehicles!

Add coins for more weight, add blow or sled bumpers to break through barriers, and interchange the wheels for an extra boost of speed!

Real (Safe) Chemical Reactions

Now your kids can become a part of the fuel making process and learn how race cars get all that power and speed.

Our fuel-mixing experiments and chemical reactions should always be supervised by an adult. Rest assured, all materials are nontoxic and kid-safe.

Fast Fun Science Kit For Kids

If you thought that racing cars and science kits could not be bundled together, think again!

We have created the ultimate chemistry racing kit that is here to introduce your kids to science, spark their curiosity, and help them enjoy spine-tingling moments of head-to-head racing!

 Ages 8+