Circle Puzzle - Animals Around the World (150pc)

by Mideer
Type: Puzzle
Animals are in every corner of the world. In the cold Antarctic, there are penguins, whales and other animals. They can resist the cold and live in the snow and ice happily. Antelopes and zebras like running on the prairie. Tigers, brown bears and pythons live in the rainforest. In the ocean, dolphins, seahorses and turtles swim freely. In this puzzle, children can learn more knowledge about animal behavior and geological types.
  • Consists of 150 seasoned pieces (25mm thick) with illustrations of animals from around the world – Children will be familiar with the ecosystems on earth through different colours, such as green tropical rain forest ecosystem, orange desert or the blue of the high seas, etc. In each area, there will be typical species of animals, such as penguins, tigers, elephants crocodiles, zebras, etc.
  • In addition to learning about creatures, children will improve their eye-hand coordination, logic through each piece – With extremely large pieces (63x34mm) and nearly 53cm in diameter. The exquisite design box helps store the puzzle pieces easily. It is a perfect gift for kids!
  • Recommended age: 5 years & above.