Headband - Hand Tied Starlite -Navy


Cute and stylish fabric hand tied bow headbands for baby girl! Soft linen fabric bows with a dainty star light pattern that's stitched in with tiny white thread onto the bows (picture a tiny plus sign you would see in a painting to denote a star's brightness). Elastic nylon headbands are soft and stretchy so it's light and comfortable for baby's head. Bow is made of linen fabric and spans approximately 10 cm length across and 4.8 cm width. Attached to a super stretchy nylon elastic that fits newborn up to approximately 2 years without leaving compression red marks on delicate baby heads. Do not wash, only spot clean with damp cloth. Lay flat to dry out of sunlight to keep colours strong.

• 1 Cotton Polyester blend fabric hand tied into bow with starlite (tiny x stitched) pattern
• Attached to skinny nylon elastic
• Fits children ages 0-24 months