Bravado Designs | Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

A little  bit about Bravado Designs...

Bravado knows that a woman’s body fluctuates day to day and month to month and have developed bras to respond to those changes, conform to her changing shape and move with her. They focus on the technical and intimate details of design, giving women bras that will make them look so good, no one will imagine they are so comfortable!

They know how to do this because they connect with and work alongside hundreds of real women of all shapes and sizes and in all stages through their rigorous Test Wear Program. Every day they listen, measure, have them wear test and get their feedback until they get it right. This knowledge fuels Bravado to continually bring new, innovative, supportive and empowering designs that are the perfect intersection of ultimate comfort and style.

Bravado is a proud Canadian company. Designed in Toronto by women for all women and loved around the world.

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